Residential Property Owners Insurance

While tenants are living under the roof of your property, you have a duty of care towards them. 

That’s not to say that vacant properties don’t equally need care and attention, as without their protective inhabitants they are more susceptible to vandalism, and more open to unlawful tenants. Glenavon considers all risks associated with property owners when we arrange Residential Property Owners Insurance, so you don’t need to worry.

Depending on your circumstances, whether you’re a private individual, property owner, management organisation or residents association, our friendly expert team can arrange a policy to cover to suit your needs.

By allowing Glenavon to arrange your Residential Property Owners Insurance you can benefit from essential liability protection, engineering inspection for lifts, and core cover for buildings among other products.

With access to products from leading insurers, we’re ready to negotiate the right policy for you, however many properties you own. Call us today on 0131 443 2971 or click for a quote online.

Key Features

  • Building and outbuildings
  • Loss of rent cover
  • Legal protection
  • Fire, theft, vandalism, storm damage
  • Property owners’ liability
  • Occupied or unoccupied
  • Malicious Damage by Tenants
  • Accidental Damage and Terrorism