Manufacturing insurance

Factories, mills or plants that are responsible for complex manufacturing processes need more specialist attention than standard business insurance can offer. 

In addition to the usual risks of theft, fire and flood, at Glenavon Insurance we can arrange dedicated Manufacturing Insurance which covers all eventualities that might hamper day to day operations, or even bring production to a standstill for a greater length of time. 

The risk of liability doesn’t end at the foot of the conveyor belt for manufacturers. Claims can materialise as far beyond as the end product travels if a member of the public is injured by a faulty product. Whether a claim is valid or fabricated, the legal defence cost in itself can run into the thousands.

Depending on the area in which your business focuses, be it food, vehicle or specialist technology, and how you keep your business moving, key features from our Manufacturing Insurance can provide a protective solution. 

Glenavon’s expertise in the world of manufacturing, with the host of liability scenarios it presents, can allow you to continue to apply your skills as a manufacturer safe in the knowledge that you're protected in the event of a setback.

Whatever your specialism, call us today on 0131 443 2971 to discuss your business, get in touch via our contact form or request a call back.

Key Features

  • Machine breakdown
  • Currency fluctuation
  • Health and Safety
  • Loss of income
  • Employers and Public Liability 
  • Product recall