Directors and Officers Insurance

As a Director or Officer, you have probably made many pivotal decisions to get to where you are. A further decision to take out Directors and Officers Liability Insurance could be a very wise one. 

As the head of a company further judgements come under close scrutiny, and as such your organisation will always be at risk of professional liability claims made by employees or members of the public. 

Directors and Officers Insurance is designed with company leaders in mind to help cover you financially should claims arise or if you need compensation in the event of the following scenarios:

• Employment practices and HR issues

• Actions by company shareholder 

• Failing to report errors

• Inaccurate or inadequate disclosure of accounts

• Failing to comply with regulations

• Making decisions that are above the managers jurisdiction 

By arranging Directors and Officers Insurance through our expert team at Glenavon Insurance, we can offer you protection that’s competitive in price and invaluable in cover. For more information call us on 0131 443 2971 or request a callback.

Key Features

  • Reimbursement of legal, investigation and compensation costs
  • Liability