Hard hats and steel-capped boots are useful, but they’re not miracle workers. Make sure you’re fully covered in a risky environment with Construction Insurance arranged by Glenavon Insurance.

With so many parties all working on the same project, it can be difficult to pin point which policy goes where, but Construction Insurance arranged by Glenavon Insurance is designed to cover all bases. 

Largely the product of post-war years, rapid construction schemes across Europe and more recently developing projects of Third World Countries accelerated the need for indemnity clauses and liability insurance. 

Standard Construction Insurance includes the vital elements of professional indemnity and liability insurance, and depending on your trade, if you are plumber or electrician for example, it can protect your work, tools and premises with plumbers insurance or electricians insurance specifically.

Talk to us at Glenavon about your trade and we’ll talk to you about how we can provide a safety net. Call us on 0131 443 2971 or request a callback.

Key Features

  • Professional indemnity
  • Liability
  • Contract works cover
  • Contractors’ all risk insurance
  • Environmental insurance
  • Delay in Start-up (DSU)
  • Latent defects